Ashley Road, Hankow Road, Lock Road, Haiphong Road

Granville Road is famous for the outlet and cosmetics shops, ladies cannot miss it.

These roads are between Nathan Road and Canton Road, and both of them have many restaurants. Ashley Road has western restaurants and pubs; Hankow Road and Lock Road have Hong Kong and Chinese restaurants; Haiphong Road has local Hong Kong food hawkers.

Hong Kong History Museum has vast amount of artefacts, videos and exhibitions about Hong Kong's history. Next to the History Museum is the Science Museum, where kids and youngsters can explore science through the interactive games.

Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard

Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard is located on Nathan Road and beside Kowloon Park, it's about 300 metres long and has more than 50 shops. Trees are planted alongside the Boulevard and it's a pleasure to shop here.

Granville Road
Rise Shopping Arcade

On a little "lane" off Granville Road, the Rise Shopping Arcade is the temple of fashion for youngsters. Even one of the members of Hong Kong's top pop group "Twins" owns a fashion shop here.

Hong Kong History Museum, Hong Kong Science Museum

Tsim Sha Tsui | Shopper's Boulevard