There are three types of Taxis in Hong Kong, the Red Taxis that mostly travel the urban areas, the Green Taxis that operate within the New Territories and the Blue Taxis that operate on Lantau Island. As illustrated below, the Blue Taxis are the cheapest and Green Taxis are dearer than the Blue ones but cheaper than the Red ones.


Except the middle and lower parts of Lantau Island, the Red Taxis operate in all parts of Hong Kong including the Airport. Fares are as follows,

Except the Airport on Lantau Island and some areas in Kowloon, the Green Taxis in New Territories can only operates in the New Territories. Fares are as follows,

The Blue Taxis can only operate within the Lantau Island, including the Airport. Fares are as follows,

Extra fees are charged if passengers have luggage or when required to travel on toll ways.

Passengers can request a receipt if required.