Hong Kong MTR Map

Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway) | Hong Kong MTR Map

Servicing Hours: Different for each lines, mainly 06:00 to next morning 01:00 daily

Hong Kong MTR started its service since 1979, carrying about 2.3 million passengers daily (HK Population: 6.8 million), the MTR is the most popular public transport in Hong Kong.

The MTR has an accuracy of 99.9%. Also, the urban lines have trains running every 2 to 3 minutes, while the Tung Chung lines have trains running every 4 to 5 minutes during peak hours.

The MTR has around 85 stations located at all major entertainment, shopping, eating, commercial and residential areas of Hong Kong. Therefore catching the MTR is the first choice for public transportation in Hong Kong!

Octopus Card, which leads to the development of Oyster Card in London and similar systems around the world, can be used in all MTR stations, and almost all public transports in Hong Kong.

Please note: Former KCR Corporation has been merged into MTR Corporation in 2007, as a result all railways and lightrails are now run by MTR Corporation.

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