Hong Kong Disneyland has a FASTPAST programme so don't need to join the long queue. Just insert your ticket to a Fast Past machine (as shown above) and it will issue you a FASTPAST. Attractions that issue FASTPAST include: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh. Please take notice of the park's announcement as FASTPAST may extend to other attractions.

Tickets of Hong Kong Disneyland can be purchased from Hong Kong Disneyland website, or Ticket Express located at MTR Hong Kong Station Tung Chung Line Concourse, or Hong Kong Disneyland Main Entrance Ticket Booths.

Guess what? This is a robotic rubbish bin! This bin is a big hit among the children as it talks and make jokes to the children, it moves around the park, and it really functions as a rubbish bin!

As a surprise to many, the prices of the beverages, ice cream sticks, pop-corns, lunches and dinners are not expensive. The prices are really affordable.

If you are going to Hong Kong Disneyland on your birthday, you can go to the Guest Relations center inside City Hall in Town Square at Main Street, U.S.A. and you may have some present gifts such as the above.

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