Mickey, Minnie and other cartoon characters welcoming the guests to Hong Kong Disneyland.

There are numerous shops and restaurants on Main Street USA. The shops open till late so we suggest you shop after enjoying all the rides in the park.

At the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland is the Main Street Station, which is one of the two stations for the steam locomotives of Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. The other station is the Fantasyland Station.

Guests can enjoy a trip on the vintage cars of Main Street USA, such as this double-decker bus Omnibus.

Every day on Main Street USA, the stars from Walt Disney's classic animated films come to life in Disney On Parade, a lavish moving spectacle in Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

Disney "celebrities", including Mickey, Minnie, Snow White, Cinderella, Mermaid, Woody, Jessie, Buzz LightYear and even Green Army Men, perform in the daily parade that winds throughout much of the theme park.

Hong Kong Disneyland | Main Street USA