Hong Kong Airport Express | Bus

(Above Left) This sculpture located at the center of the arrival hall is an important signpost for visitors. To the right of this sculpture is the Airbus (City Flyer) Terminal; Going forward is the Airport Express (MTR trains); To the left is the taxi station and Airport-Mainland China Coaches.

Catch a Taxi to urban areas requires approximately HK$200 to HK$400.

For MTR Airport Express:

The Airport Express provide services from 05:50 to 00:50 daily, and departs every 12 minutes.


To Hong Kong Island's Central, adult fare is HK$100 (about 23 minutes)


To Kowloon, adult fare is HK$90 (about 20 minutes)


To Tsing Yi, adult fare is HK$60 (about 12 minutes)


For more information on Airport Express, please refer to our introduction to Hong Kong Station


Reminder: Local Hong Kong travel agents offer Airport Express tickets at 30% discount!

In addition, Octopus also provides Airport Express Tourist Octopus, the fare structure is as follows,

Airbus CityFlyer line A (Pictured above right) costs less than the Airport Express,

For example, A11 to Hong Kong Island's Central, Wanchai, Causeway Bay or North Point costs only HK$40 (about 50 minutes to Central)


A21 to Kowloon's Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui or Hung Hom Station costs only HK$33 (about 45 minutes to Tsim Sha Tsui)


Line A operates from about 06:00 to midnight daily, departs every 15 to 20 minutes.

Airbus CityFlyer line E is the cheapest among all,


For example, E11 to Hong Kong Island's Central, Wanchai, Causeway Bay or Tin Hau (Not reaching North Point) cost only HK$21.


E21 to Kowloon's Mong Kok (not reaching Tsim Sha Tsui or Hung Hom Station) cost only HK$14!


Line E is cheaper than line A as the Airbus will travel through Airport's nearby new town Tung Chung, this

requires more time. As a result, line A reaches the urban areas much faster than line B.

Line E operates from 05:00 to midnight daily, departs every 12 minutes to 20 minutes.

Airbus CityFlyer line N provides night time services,

N11 to Tung Chung, Hong Kong Island's Central, Wanchai or Causeway Bay cost HK$31


N21 to Tung Chung, Kowloon's Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui cost HK$23


Operates from midnight to 05:00 every morning


Listed above are the major airbus routes, there are more different routes going to different parts of Hong Kong.

Please note that information provided above is for reference only, please contact the related transport providers for more detailed and accurate information.