Admiralty is a small shopping and business district located between Central and Wanchai.

There are two main shopping malls in this district, namely the Queensway plaza and the elegant Pacific Place. Hong Kong Park houses the Museum of Tea Ware, Aviary and Conservatory. Most importantly, Admiralty Station connects Hong Kong Island's MTR Line and the Kowloon Tsuen Wan Line, so lots of people transit at this station!

Queensway Plaza

Queensway Plaza is right above Admiralty Station, with shops and products ranging from mid to high class.

Pacific Place

One of the best high class shopping malls in Hong Kong, it's spacious and decorated with style. It's certainly a pleasure to go shopping here.

Most shops are situated on the middle three floors:
First floor: Most shops are for the teenagers, and has a good foodcourt
Second floor: Most shops are for the mature adults
Third floor: High-end clothing shops, arts, home decoration and leather shops

The Museum of Tea Ware exhibits various Chinese Dynasties' tea ware, the tea manufacturing processes and regular exhibitions about tea, while the K.S. Lo Gallery houses a tea house for tea drinkers, along with other tea exhibitions.

Hong Kong Park
Museum of Tea Ware (Pictured Left), The K.S. Lo Gallery (Pictured Middle)

Hong Kong Park is like an Oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. Containing trees, flowers, birds, fish, turtles, the Museum of Tea Ware, Conservatory and Aviary. Hong Kong Park is certainly a place to escape from the bustling city.


The aviary has now re-opened after the maintenance period.


The conservatory has different varieties of plants, such as the cactus from desert areas, or Saxifragaceae from the tropical areas.